Single Origin Coffee OR Multiple Bean Coffee Blends?

Sep 18 , 2019


Jason Breward

Single Origin Coffee OR Multiple Bean Coffee Blends?

So have you ever wondered whats the difference between a single origin (one bean) coffee and a multiple blend coffee (many different beans)?

Well we have been asking our customers, do you know and why should you care.

The interesting part is that most people didn't care, but only were interested in “do I like the taste”

So why do we mix in different quantities beans from different parts of the world?

Its all comes down to taste profile or creating a taste that has many different flavors within it. Think mint chocolate or rum and raisin icecream.

In that vein, we as roasters want to experience the same sort of thing when we taste and experience coffee. We take a nutty Colombian and pair that with a fruity Guatemalan bean in varying quantities to help make the coffee experience and flavor more pleasing and enjoyable.

Watch this videos and you will find out what two ordinary men discovered when given a single bean coffee and a blended bean coffee.

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