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RENT THIS - Fiamma Caravel 2 Group Automatic & Grinder

DESCRIPTION YOU MUST HAVE BEEN RUNNING FOR 2 YEARS Rent To Own - Fiamma Espresso Machine - A reliable, powerful machine that prepares excellent espresso. Built with high-quality components and robust materials, the Caravel is very durable. Available in a wide range of versions, always with an attractive and functional...
R 40,108.00

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Rent To Own - Fiamma Espresso Machine - A reliable, powerful machine that prepares excellent espresso. Built with high-quality components and robust materials, the Caravel is very durable. Available in a wide range of versions, always with an attractive and functional design. 
The mechanic system guarantees an even and gentle pre-infusion for a delicious coffee. Programmable portions for coffee on each group (CV).Version with push-button for manual portioning.Easy to use, lighted keyboards with high resistance.Generous cup warming area.Automatic cleaning cycles for the groups (CV models).A work area that allows the use of cups with up to 14 cm height.

Remidag Electronic Coffee Grinder Οn-Demand Super Fast

Strong and compact coffee grinder doser with 64mm flat burrs. It's aluminium and steel body and powerful engine make it a reliable and indestructible work companion.
The on-demand system of MST-64P E, grinds only the coffee dose required, in order to preserve unchanged all the organoleptic qualities contained in a roasted coffee 
bean. Thanks to the continuous micrometric adjustment system, MST-64P ensures unmatched homogeneity of the grind.


Espresso Machine

  • Dimensions: 665mmW x 563mmD x 530mmH / 59kg
  • Easy control of boiler temperature
  • Semi-automatic manual coffee dosage
  • Work area allows 14cm high cups and trays for smaller cups
  • Water tap and 2 Steam wands
  • Boiler Capacity: 11L
  • Power: 3.8kw / 220-230V / 400v - 2N / plug not supplied


  • Single-dose supply in just 2 seconds
  • Easy and intuitive multilingual digital display
  • LED-backlit capacitive controls with 7 different colours
  • Single/double dose dispensing also by push-button
  • Coffee bean container capacity:600g
  • Available also with red speed burrs
  • Available also in metallic grey, white, black, and red

Specification Guide


Below we have provided you with the information which will help you decide which version of the Fiamma range to choose.  If you have further questions or need 1 group or three group espresso machines, either use the Whatsapp button below (right) or Contact Us NOW

  Escalation 36 Months 24 Months

Monthly Amounts

0% R2077.87 p/m R3098.43 p/m
5% R1987.74 p/m  
10% R1902.94 p/m  
  15% R1822.88 p/m  

The escalations work as follows. 

If you want to take 15% escalation, the first 12 months of the contract will be paid at a lower rate but thereafter the premium will escalate annually
by 15% until the 36 month period is over. 
Therefore if they select the 0% escalation option the value will remain the same throughout the 36 month period and there will be no annual increase throughout the 36-month rental period. 
Once the 36 month period is finished there will be a documentation fee equivalent to one month's payment, which transfers ownership of the machine to you. Or if you want you can upgrade the machine for a new one and continue on a rental contract. 

Rental agreements provide the customer with uninterrupted use. The customer has
the option to take ownership or to return the goods to the bank at the end of the
agreed period, subject to the conditions of the agreement.
Rental Agreements are suitable for:

  • Businesses using goods with either high obsolescence or which are replaced on a regular basis, e.g. computer equipment, office automation, 

The main features are:

  • Structured Payment Options ( 0%, to 15% annual esc)
  • Repayment periods up to 60 months.
  • No deposit.
  • All goods rented must be comprehensively insured during the term of the agreement.

The main benefits are as follows:

  • Customers are able to enjoy the use of expensive equipment without any initial capital layout.
  • The customer doesn't have to make use of his lines of credit and can keep them open
  • The customer gets the benefit of any resale value if he/she exercises the ownership option.
  • Monthly rentals are 100% tax-deductible. Off-balance sheet / operating expense
  • Upgrade of the equipment during the life of the agreement.( keeping pace with technology, the technology life cycle is better managed)


It's so Easy to Apply, You Will Need:

Application for rentals is a relatively easy, cost-free and obligation-free process. There is a 1-page application form (attached) that would need to be completed and returned to me with the completed and signed quote (depending on the option chosen this would be the relevant rental calculator) and some supporting documents, as follows:

  • Letterhead
  • Id’s of all directors/members/partners
  • Banking details (cancelled cheque or bank stamped letter of acc confirmation)
  • Company registration documentation
  • AT LEAST 2 YEARS financial statements (preferably with comparative figures)

With the standard rental agreement, you will have the option to renew the rental at the end of the agreement, terminate the rental contract at the end of the agreement, or upgrade.

With a Rent-to-Own option, we sign an addendum to the principal rental contract that states that after the conclusion of the rental contract, be it full term or if settled earlier, that there be an additional charge equivalent to the last months rental, whereby the ownership of the unit is transferred to the lessee (you).
You will then own the machine outright. Please note that other than the standard 1-warranty on the unit, there is no service or maintenance agreement tied to this rental. We do however have a technician who can service or repair your machine for an additional cost, depending on what is needed the cost will be calculated on request.

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