Let's Make Your Coffee Blend

Coffee Roaster at Brewers Coffee


So What Goes Into Creating a Coffee Blend For You?

It takes, patience, qualified speciality coffee association people, hours of fiddling with different beans, roast profiles, quantity ratios, tasting sessions and most of all, a passion in creating the perfect coffee for you.


What are the Benefits to you?

  • Fresh coffee, delivered to your business.
  • Advice and support from our friendly team
  • Happier employees
  • Impressed clients
  • The joy of having a unique coffee blend of your own
  • And, if you are a business which sells coffee by the cup, you can sell by the bag, also.

We have created colab blends for many businesses already. 
And it's a very interesting journey we take with everyone of them.


So let's take a look at a shortened video of:

The First Blind Coffee Tasting session

Where we ask our clients to give feedback and talk about what they tasted, felt, and experienced, when sampling each of the coffees.



The Blend creation Blind Tasting session/s 

This is where we take a few days to create 4 blends, directly from the feedback of the client. 
And, let the client blind taste each and give immediate feedback.

In this case study the client didn't need a third tasting session as they choose one there and then.



We Offer

  • Two blind cupping seasons, to discover what coffee tastes you like, and the second to present 2-3 blends created especially for you.
  • We offer a label design service for your coffee blend
  • We create Social Ads
  • We create Google ads